Park With The Shark offers both covered and uncovered areas for parking.

  • Uncovered $2.00/day
  • Covered $5.00/day

If you are using Park With The Shark’s self-parking area to travel from the airport, we recommend that you arrive at Park With The Shark approximately 20 minutes before your originally planned pre-flight arrival. This buffer allows for you to schedule/plan for your ground transportation from Park With The Shark to the John Glenn International Airport. If you choose to schedule your ride in advance, less than 10 minutes are needed.

If you plan to depart from the airport with several passengers and belongings, it is wise to drop passengers and baggage off at the terminal to initiate pre-flight procedures while you park the vehicle at Park With The Shark and order your return ground transportation back to the terminal. This eliminates the need to arrange for larger-sized ground transportation as well as the hassle of unloading/reloading baggage.

Once arriving at the property, simply locate an available covered or uncovered parking space, note the space number and pre-pay using the on-site pay machine located beneath the covered parking awning. You may also download and use the WayToPark App to pay from the comfort of your vehicle ($0.35 surcharge). Once your spot is secured, order your preferred mode of transportation, sit back, relax and await the arrival of your ride. Scheduling your ride in advance is also currently an option with several carriers in Columbus.

You can schedule parking online or pay onsite at the kiosk.  If online, be sure to use the oversized rate link.  If onsite, please be sure to pay for each space physically covered by your vehicle.  All parking currently available for oversized vehicles is in our UNCOVERED section.

We have included links to facilitate your download of a variety of transportation service apps. It may prove helpful to communicate your parking space number to your incoming ground transportation.

Once you have gathered your baggage, order ground transportation to escort you back to the Park With The Shark property so that you are able to retrieve your vehicle.

We are open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. We are always open.

Relax. It is no problem. Simply schedule the extra days on our website and put your space number and vehicle description in the “Order Notes” section of the Checkout page.